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As former internal hiring managers, we have experience in selecting and integrating talent into operations, projects, and culture. We understand how well-developed talent strategies can attract top-tier talent and propel capability.

The Right Hires Help Startups and Scaleups Grow

Our passion is in the belief that talent acquisition can do more for businesses through advice, consulting and the right strategy setting. We believe that a talent strategy with a team that has real world experience of outcomes can help hiring managers navigate the complexities of growth, innovation and success.

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Hiring Strategies That Match Your Growth

In building a partnership we will work with you to understand what makes you and your business unique, how we communicate your story, culture and goals. This understanding forms the basis of our approach and helps us create a strategy matched to not just where you are today but where you need to be.

Our Team

Photo of Colin McKee
Colin McKee

With a decade of experience in leading talent and hiring strategies, Colin lives and breathes talent acquisition. His expertise has taken him across the globe, tackling intricate growth challenges in North America, Europe, China, and Australia.

Colin’s unwavering passion lies in partnering with organisations to support their people needs. With an exceptional ability to identify and attract top-tier talent, he empowers businesses to achieve peak performance while fostering individual growth and capability.

As an advocate for embedded hiring models Colin works with founders and hiring teams to provide guidance, insights, and strategic direction on their growth journey.

Photo of Arvin Gill
Arvin Gill

As a product & data-led hiring manager Arvin enriches Chapter1 with invaluable insights in talent acquisition. With a notable track record as Head of Digital & eCommerce, Arvin offers a fresh perspective on recruitment, having firsthand experience as a hiring manager and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving needs of businesses and employees.

At Chapter1, Arvin employs a distinct lens to identify the ideal candidates, create optimal conditions for talent to thrive, and determine the precise level of resourcing required for success. Arvin’s expertise in product and data-led approaches fills a crucial gap in the recruitment process, ensuring your organisation builds a winning team poised for achievement.

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Client Stories

"Thanks to Chapter1, our team consists of 44 exceptional technically adept engineers who embody our patient-first ethos. Their seamless integration into our culture and immediate impact on our projects is a testament to Chapter1's meticulous and thoughtful approach."
Henry Hardy

Henry Hardy

Engineering Manager

"The team at Chapter1's ability to find talent that not only matched to our skills requirement but also to the culture of our company has resulted in us only getting candidates that we genuinely want to hire - with an extraordinarily high rate of presented candidates moving to offer."
Myles Lawlor

Myles Lawlor

GM of Technology

"As our team grew, the emphasis was on quality over quantity in candidate selection. Chapter1's role was pivotal here, ensuring a high success rate from initial to final interviews by meticulously assessing candidates and adapting the profiles when necessary."

Francois van Heerden

Head of Data & Analytics